Aerobic Digester Waste Water Purification

Aerobic Technologies will supply a waste water treatment solution which can be attached to The Aerobic Digesters or can be installed as a stand alone unit to clean waste water for recirculation onsite and for use in other devices.

The Aerobic Digesters process and dispose of all organic waste by using an aerobic digestion system driven by an inoculant, which was developed for Aerobic Technologies by The School of Biosciences at The University of Birmingham. Waste water arising from the process is safely discharged to drain.

The additional water purification technology can be supplied and installed alongside the Digester. This treats the waste water onsite and delivers a clean water source which is used partly for recirculation into the Digesters and partly for use in other devices onsite.

By deploying this additional unit, there is no waste water discharge to drain, and the clean water reclamation from the food waste preserves the water table by reducing demands from the municipal water supply.

The system extracts calorific content from the waste water and delivers a digestate that can be easily transported to ‘waste to energy’ facilities as feedstock.

The carbon emission saving in the transportation is approximately 90% compared to kerbside collections for untreated food waste.

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