Save money and time by identifying areas of high food wastage.


    Keep track of what you’re throwing away. In real time and on any device.


    Never waste time on overproducing food again.


    Fully contained and odourless food waste disposal.

ATL Aerobic Digester HOW DOES IT WORK?

Keep your kitchen clean. ATL Aerobic digesters break down food waste into grey water. This grey water is then disposed of into your existing drainage system with effortless simplicity. The system is fully contained and independent.

The machine was designed and built in the UK and operates an aerobic digestion system to process food waste. Aerobic digestion allows the food to be aerated speeding up the breakdown of waste. The inoculant formula was developed by the Environmental and Life Sciences Laboratory at the University of Birmingham. Aerobic digestion benefits includes reduced noise, elimination of smell and reduced need for cleaning. ATL digesters are capable of processing between 10 to 500 kilos of food waste in a single 24 hour period.

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Aerobic Technologies Ltd. is pleased to announce that our tender has been accepted for The Univeristy Caterers Organisation (TUCO) procurement framework for Food Waste Disposal.

ATL Food Waste Analytics

ATL’s portal food waste analytics allow managers to view waste data down to a ward or unit level to assist them with waste reduction initiatives. Food waste in the NHS was recently highlighted by articles in the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. – 6500-tonnes-food-thrown-away-nhs-trusts-2021/ – NHS-wasted-1m-year-throwing-away-uneaten-food

Here at our hotel we installed an ATL food digester shortly after opening. We noticed an immediate improvement in our waste room with both smell and the volume of rubbish leaving the building. Fish is the dominant feature of our menu and on a daily basis we have a lot of wastage of fish bones and skin, as well as other general food waste. Having the digester has eliminated the odour that comes from all this fish waste. We have noticed as well the volume of rubbish going into the general bins has decreased by around a quarter making the process of taking out the rubbish easier and more cost effective as we are now spending less on waste removal.

Alex Bates, F&B Cost Controller
Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE


The Aerobic Technologies digestion and renewable system for 2021 creates a closed end solution for the disposal of all organic waste for organisations in catering and in providing food for consumption and distribution.

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Aerobic Digester Cut your food costs.

Monitor and track what you’re throwing away. The ATL Digester monitors the weight and type of food going in the bin, so you can see how much money is being lost on a daily basis through cloud based technology.

  • Save money – identify areas of wasted expenditure.
  • Boost efficiency – time is no longer spent on overproducing food.
  • Constant visibility – view your waste data in real time on any remote device.
  • Compliance – data record for use in independent audit and sustainability reporting.

The future of food waste processing.

Reduce over spending within professional kitchens, with real time monitoring of what your business is throwing away. ATL Aerobic Digesters represent simplicity at its best, process organic waste without noise, smell or residue.

Aerobic Digester BUILT TO LAST

ATL’s Aerobic Digesters are manufactured in the UK and tested to the highest standards to ensure minimal maintenance.

Having been developed with longevity in mind, digesters have an estimated working life span of 20 years per machine (even with daily usage). The inoculant solution at the heart of the technology reflects this ethos, with users only needing to replace or top it up every twelve to 18 months depending on usage.

Compliant with the following standards:

  • BS EN ISO 12100 2010 Safety of Machinery General Principles for Design Risk Assessment & Reduction
  • BS EN 614-1 2006 +A1 2009 Safety of machinery-ergonomic design principles
  • BS EN 60204-1 2006 + A1 2009 Safety of Machinery-Electrical Equipment of Machines
  • BS EN 61000-6-3 2007 +A1 2011 Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • BS EN ISO 14119:2013 Safety of machinery. Interlocking devices associated with guards. Principles for design and selection

You can trust the technology, allowing you to focus on your customers. To see a demo machine and understand how it could benefit your business, speak with us.

 “The staff really like it. It is easy to use and easy to clean. It is a far easier system than what we were using prior to it. The staff are not having to double up on tasks.”

Catering Manager NHS

Aerobic Digester CAN I BOOK A DEMO?

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