“Food waste is inevitable in our industry, but by monitoring what were wasting more closely we were able to find that balance. Our chefs are really happy with the simplicity of the system and efficiency in the kitchen has really improved, time is no longer wasted on over producing food.”

Alex Bates – Food & Beverage Manager, Nobu Hotel London

The ATL Portal: Helping Organisations to Reduce Food Waste (Real Time Reporting)

  • The ATL portal tracks and reports food waste categories and volumes in real time with source and category displayed in bespoke formats.
  • This functionality displays food waste analytics enabling organisations to track how much food is being wasted in each category and where the waste came from.
  • The ATL digesters are supported by load cells which weigh the food waste continuously as it is disposed of in the machine.
  • The monitor on the face of the digester gives the operator multiple choices to input data quickly and easily.
  • Analytics are formatted in graphical, tabular and numerical formats.
  • The ATL portal can connect into a customer’s billing system when required.

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Stafford County Hospital

County Hospital invests in environmentally friendly bio digester

Disposing of food waste safely, economically and environmentally has always been a priority at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust. The bio digester can digest up to 500kg of food waste in a 24-hour period, they require little maintenance, do not need to be cleaned out and leave no smells.

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How smart metering can benefit your business.

Commercial kitchens throw away 75 billion pounds worth of food waste annually, much of which is excess stock. Crucially however, the ATL300 digitally monitors the weight and type of food being disposed of in real time. Management teams can view the waste process results in real time, over multiple sites and on any remote device. In Identifying and monitoring levels of wasted expenditure, large scale operations like Radisson Blu® have seen impressive and notable improvements in the efficiency of their operations and procurement processes.


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