Cutting edge Waste processing technology onboard your vessel


Organically process food waste into disposable water while at sea


Ensuring MARPOL compliancy


Fully contained and odourless


Zero waste build up, fully process waste in 24 hours

The ATL Digesters break down food waste into grey water. This grey water is then disposed of into the existing onboard holding tank. The system is fully contained and independent.

The machine was designed and built in the UK and operates an aerobic digestion system to process food waste. Aerobic digestion allows this waste to be aerated, speeding up the process. The inoculant formula was developed by leading researchers at one of the UK’s top academics institutions.

Aerobic digestion benefits include:

Noiseless and odourless operation
No need to store food waste onboard whilst at sea.

Minimal maintenance and no cleaning
Capable of processing between 10 to 500 kilos of food waste in a single 24 hour period.

Here at our hotel we installed an ATL food digester shortly after opening. We noticed an immediate improvement in our waste room with both smell and the volume of rubbish leaving the building. Fish is the dominant feature of our menu and on a daily basis we have a lot of wastage of fish bones and skin, as well as other general food waste. Having the digester has eliminated the odour that comes from all this fish waste. We have noticed as well the volume of rubbish going into the general bins has decreased by around a quarter making the process of taking out the rubbish easier and more cost effective as we are now spending less on waste removal.

Alex Bates, F&B Cost Controller
Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

Edmiston is helping ATL to introduce its range of Aerobic Digesters to shipyards and yacht captains. Food waste is a continuous challenge in the marine world, and I believe that ATL’s technology provides an environmental solution for the yachting industry.

Nicholas Edmiston
Chairman Edmiston & Company

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