Aerobic technologies portal functionality and options for hotel groups

The Aerobic Technologies portal gathers statistical data from connected digester units at each location (internet connection must be available locally at the site of the digester). The portal communicates bespoke statistical data across multiple sites in real time, with waste streams broken down into timelines, location, quantities etc.

The standard information gathered is a mirror image of information available on the digester units own embedded PLC display:-

  • Digested weight
  • (Kg) Power used
  • (kWh) Lid openings
  • (C) Av temperature


The data is broken down into periods of daily, weekly and monthly options.

ATL can then customise the portal to specific hotel group requirements, breaking down into options such as by room service, room number, cafeteria, restaurant/s, bars, terraces, buffet, events, functions or any other relevant logical grouping etc.

The design can be customised to fit into the hotel group’s Sustainability and Environmental reporting systems, presented as standalone tabular, graphical and numerical formats. Subject to further analysis and evaluation, ATL can populate existing hotel group reporting systems with the appropriate data for further in house manipulation and display options by the groups’ own existing solutions.

The standalone portal is accessed by a login screen, which is password protected, and data is viewed depending on the permissions allowed for the individual user (individual site, full group, regional, country by country etc). The portal also has the ability to display the portal in multi-language format.

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